The Journalist

We all cannot be stupid, we all cannot be criminals, we all cannot be wrecks. We are a people with great potentials, we are strong, enduring and determined. We chose a vocation of sacrifice, to build our nation. We passed through same institutions of higher learning like other professionals and we faced the campus rigours and experienced the bad manners of sadistic lecturers but scaled through the violent flood waters that got many drowned and killed. We do our work to compliment governments effort and project her. Whoever look down on a journalist despite the sacrifice we make towards nation building and emancipation of human rights, is an ingrate.
An attack on any Journalist by whoever is an attack on all journalist. We expose all evil doers in the land, set agenda go growth, development and good governance following democratic principles.
We paid the dues, we deserve good life and respect from government and the people.

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