In those days, our Yoruba literatures were either Alawiye or books by Fagunwa in which ancient wisdom is lavishly treated. Those writers explored and showcased the relationship between spirit beings and man, how great hunters engage in adventures, fought and won spirits.

Tales by moonlight were base on tales like “Ijapa Tiroko, Oko Yannibo” Tales of the Tortoise the wise animal, married to Yannibo his wife.

Great hunters and warriors established settlements and the people never did anything without asking the gods by divination. Mistakes were limited, but we craved for civilization, white man’s life style. We tagged all books and stories about spirits and jinns as evil stories.

Sadly our children now embrace Tom and Jerry carton stories of violence and impossible missions.

 We read about great poetic songs called ‘Rara, Ijala, Ewi and others? Twinkle, Twinkle, little star has taken over our children class.

Unfortunately, elders in those days taught us to know that there is a relationship between man and spirits. By that, we are made conscious that man is as Spirit as the Spirits, therefore we are Spirit beings.

Today, we have lost our spirit essence to western ideology, we are now cartoon minded, rather than being spirit minded. How then can we have a better society, when no elder wants to sit down and tell the children stories? Do these elders even know any of their stories?

God will help us to be wise before it’s too late.



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