Dear friend,

I see that you are now very comfortable, business coming in from all angles, thank God for your supportive, reliable, dependable, meticulous and respectable wife, who stood by you when things were rough. She accepted you for who you were and built a future with you, trusting God for a better tomorrow. That anticipated tomorrow has come, do not leave rooms for her to regret knowing you.

Please, your religion may accept marrying up to four wives or family pressures may also support this but you need to also feel the pain of how your virtuous wife would feel, that after all her labour, prayers dedication and loyalty to you and giving you well brought up children, you are bringing a leach to eat what she laboured for all these days. Many a woman will accept your decision as Sunnah or religious rite and leave judgment to God but some will never over look it.

Worse off is if the leach is one of these campus trained devils who will not accept a fair share but will prefer Lion share and seek to send your first wife away and destabilize your home, turn your heart away from the children of your first wife and take over your life with all your endowment. She would feign love but their reasons for accepting to be second wives is to inherit properties.

Serve God with all your mind and all your being but also be careful with strange women, girls if easy virtue. To ruin your life is very easy because the woman who stood by you would have become discouraged from praying for you and eventually, your defences become weak, easy to permeate.

Of a truth, you are the man, but a bird does not fly with one wing,, you first love, even if a devil, is better than the unknown angel that has been taking pocket money from you behind doors seeking to become number two.

God’s ways are perfect, he would give the desirous their own right partner, so bother not that if you didn’t pack ten, other ladies will it get husband, do not help God’s work. Do only what he asked you to do.

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